Funding Events

The funding events endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of funding events.

Below is a descriptive list of all the different ways in which you can query this endpoint to segment our growing database of funding events. At the very bottom of this section you’ll find an example response along with a full table of all the query parameters outlined below.

HTTP Request


Example Response

  "meta": {
    "total_record_count": 45000,
    "total_pages": 900,
    "current_page": 1,
    "per_page": 50
  "fundings": [
      "company_name":"Netsmart Technologies",
      "investors":"Genstar Capital",
      "industry":"Enterprise Software,Health IT,Healthcare",
      "city":"Great River",
      "created_on":"2015-03-02 19:59:35"},
      "investors":"Columbia Capital",
      "industry":"Advertising,Gaming,Internet,Mobile,Software Development",
      "region":"Bay Area",
      "city":"San Francisco",
      "created_on":"2015-03-02 23:43:17"
      "investors":"Creandum, Point Nine Capital, Alden AS, Alliance Venture",
      "investor_slugs":"Creandum, Point Nine Capital, aiden-as, alliance-venture",
      "created_on":"2015-03-03 02:20:28"

All Query Parameters

Parameter Format Example Description
amount numeric_range 1000~10000 or 1000~ or ~1000 money reported raised in the funding round
city list San Francisco|Seattle pipe separated list of city names
country list USA|CAN list of three character country codes
funding_date_range date_range 2015-01-25 or 2015-01-25~2016-01-25 or 2015-01-25~ range of funding dates
investor_ids list 67|81 list of investor ids
investor_slugs list Foundry|fg-angels list of investor slugs, see Investors to get a list of all investors.
series list a|e list of series can include a-i, angel, seed, debt_financing, private_equity, undisclosed