Our search endpoint provides autocomplete search capabilities. You can currently use this endpoint to return results for Companies and Investors. It is expected that this endpoint will get used frequently, i.e. as a user types into a text field, so it is quite fast.


Query Parameters

Term: the term that you want to search for.

$ curl "[YOUR KEY]&term=<search term>"

Object Types: this is only needed if you want to limit the types of objects that get returned. As of now, we index both companies and investors in this searchable endpoint. The mobile app for instance only shows results for companies, this parameter allows us to accomplish this.

$ curl[YOUR KEY]&object_types=company
$ curl[YOUR KEY]&object_types[]=company&object_types[]=investor

Example response

        "object_type": "company",
        "object_name": "Lyft",
        "object_slug": "117766/lyft",
        "company_domain": "",
        "company_funding": 1392500000,
        "company_keywords": nil,
        "company_mattermark_score": 947,
        "investor_funding": 0,
        "object_id": 117766

Also note that if you are looking to get more detailed information about the results that are returned, you can use the “object_id” field to make subsequent requests to our other endpoints for more details. For companies you can make requests to the GET /companies/:id endpoint, substituting the :id part with the value from the object_id field. You can do the same with the GET /investors/:id endpoint as well.